Solving using Excel

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Solving using Excel

Postby Misha » Sun Aug 28, 2005 5:55 pm

Sudoku Method

My method for solving Sudoku on the computer using Microsoft Excel.

1. Use the first nine rows and first nine columns as the Sudoku matrix.
2. On roll one in the fill in the numbers in the corresponding squares duplicating the Sudoku puzzle.
3. In the first blank square fill in all the other numbers not listed in that row.
4. Copy that number and paste in all the other columns for that row.
5. Left click and scroll over all the numbers in the box.
6. Push the copy icon in the tool bar.
7. Hold down on the control key as you click on each empty box in the row.
8. Push the clipboard icon.
9. Repeat until all nine rows are filled.
10. Start with the first Column and delete all the single numbers from the multiple boxed numbers.
11. Do the same for all nine columns.
12. Go to the first quadrant and delete all the single numbers from the multiple boxed numbers.
13. Repeat for every quadrant.
14. As new single boxed numbers appear make sure to repeat, 10 through 13.
15. Scan the numbers in each quadrant for unique numbers that only appear once in that quadrant and eliminate all the other numbers in that box.
16. Repeat for each column, row, and quadrant. (Take care when doing this, it is easy to make a mistake.)
17. In many cases this will solve the puzzle.
18. If the puzzle is still not solved at this point, copy the matrix and paste the whole matrix below or to the side of the original matrix. I usually skip on column or row before pasting.
19. I will pick the first box that has only two numbers in it and choose the lowest number.
20. If the number I picked was the wrong number or I made a mistake, I hit the undo key as many times as possible and start over.
21. Sometimes this is not enough and I then cut and paste another copy of the original matrix.
22. On the most difficult matrixes I’ve have to make a number of copies to account for all the different possibilities.
23. Note, I don’t find this as much fun as paper and pencil, and what’s the hurry anyways.
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