Solving sudoku in your head

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Solving sudoku in your head

Postby spenen » Mon Jul 10, 2006 6:30 am

Hey, recently found this community and have found it very useful for improving my skills in sudoku.

Maybe this isn't an advanced solving technique, in the sense that you won't improve the speed solving sudokus (or maybe with a lot of training), but in the sense that it require quite advanced memory techniques (that everyone can learn) and a lot of patiente.

The idea is to first memorize the beginning of a sudoku. Then, instead of using a pen to fill out the blanks, and instead of using a paper/computer screen to see the progres of the sudoku, do it all in your head.

I've written a short text about how I did to solve my first sudoku this way and some tips on how to improve the technique, you can find it in

Just imagine yourself solving sudoku on your way to work or school, or maybe while trying to get through a boring family dinner.

I didn't came here to brag or anything, anyone with to much spare time could do it. What I hope is that this article can inspire others to do simmilar things, or maybe use some of it to improve their techniques.

So if you feel like it, read it through and please give me as much feedback and comments as you can. This is the first version and I want to improve it as much as I can.

Thanks in advance

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