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Solver in HTML and Javascript

Postby devasatyam » Sat Aug 13, 2005 10:29 am

I did a program to solve Sudoku. My first attempt was in Java, but the applet didn't quite work everywhere, with browsers dying on me, so I did it again in JavaScript, so the whole thing is contained in a simple web page with the aid of a few Gifs.

It is located in I'm afraid all the explanations and the comments on the code are in Spanish so they might not be particularly helpful.

The program shows the progress of the solution by putting dots on the cells. Those dots come from several GIFs, called 1.GIF, 2.GIF etc, which are transparent and are placed overlapping over each other in each cell.

Here is where I have a problem. In Internet Explorer I can make it work as I expect, but in Mozilla, all the GIFs pile up in the upper left corner of the whole page, I cannot make them relative to each cell.

The whole issue is in a couple of styles in a <style> block called celda (the container) and imagen for the overlapped images within it.

I read everything about positioning, but I couldn't find any solution to this. I tried enclosing <div>, display:block in the style, and several other sugestions in several places, but weren't able to make it work.

Any help appreciated

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