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SadMan Software: Sudoku

Postby simes » Tue Jul 05, 2005 5:37 pm

For all flavours of 32-bit Windows.

* Can solve puzzles completely automatically if you wish, and copy the result to the clipboard ready for pasting into those competition entry emails.
* It solves using exactly the same techniques that a human would. Only if this doesn't result in a solution does it resort to brute-force trial-and-error, and you can selectively disable this, or any other, solving technique.
* When solving automatically, it can create a log that shows the reason for entering each number in each cell, and the logic that allows for elimination of cell candidates.
* If a puzzle has multiple solutions, it can determine how many there are, and then show them to you.
* Can show the allowed entry "pencil-marks" for each cell.
* It can automatically update the pencil-marks as you enter numbers. This removes the tedium, but leaves the fun!
* Can prevent and/or highlight invalid entries.
* Can show the limitations imposed by the numbers already entered.
* When pasting from the clipboard, it will accept a wide variety of styles. This is extremely useful if you want to copy from discussion forums, websites etc.
* It can print the puzzle, optionally including pencil-marks, enabling you to solve away from your computer if you prefer.
* You can associate sudoku puzzle files, so that double-clicking one will automatically open it in Sudoku
* You can drag Sudoku puzzle files from Windows Explorer and drop them onto Sudoku.
* Small and extremely simple to use.

And, dare I say it, as used by Pappocom when he needs to determine the number of solutions for a puzzle.

Available for download from SadMan Software

aka Sadman
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Re: SadMan Software: Sudoku

Postby SadMan » Thu Dec 08, 2011 8:51 pm

I'm surprised to see this forum still active - for some reason, I thought it had closed long ago. Glad to see I'm wrong.

SadMan Sudoku is stil going strong, and just in case anybody is still trying to access the address... it's not there anymore, but then I guess you already know that. The home page for SadMan Sudoku is now
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Re: SadMan Software: Sudoku

Postby June Madison » Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:20 pm

Checked out that software today.It actually helps to solve complex soduko.
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