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Postby RW » Mon Jun 11, 2012 8:19 pm

aran wrote:If the term "Reverse-DP" (Reverse Bug/Reverse Bug-lite etc) refers to the structure under consideration and not to the Remainder (ie the veritable potential deadly structure), then strictly speaking the structure should be given the name it would bear were no givens involved.
Thus in the above example, the structure r12c34 would be referred to as a Reverse-UR.
If the term refers however to the Remainder (but I don't think this is the intention) then the above structure would be referred to as a Reverse Bug-Lite.

I agree that most reverse uniqueness terminology is a bit misleading and not very logically consistent with the rest of our terminology. I came up with the idea for the Reverse BUG one day after joining the forums and wrote about it in my 4th post or so. I was not very familiar with existing terminology back then and was probably not the most suitable person to name a new technique. (Actually, the name seems to come from this post where vidarino had misinterpreted my concept and I told him to think of the exact opposite, then added "You could call it a reverse BUG if you like.") As the technique is very unconventional and exceptionally rare it didn't arouse very much discussion and the naming was never brought up. The reverse BUG-lite probably got that name because "reverse BUG" was already taken and BUG-lite was close enough.
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