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re: Quantums

Postby Pat » Sun Aug 22, 2010 11:51 am

eleven wrote:One question to the notation guys. Did you understand that ?
(16)r8cc6 = (XWing6)[r5c9=r23c9r7c2 - r3c8 = r5c8 loop] - (6)r5c6

Or do i have to RTFM, before i may dare to ask that ? :)

looking back to bottom of page 1 --
Steve K wrote:One can write a short AIC, with the derived sis in color:
(16)r8c6 = (XWing6)[r5c9=r23c9r3c2 - r3c8 = r5c8 loop] - (6)r5c6 = (HP16)r68c6 => r8c6<>24, ssts to end

Edited, in green unforgivable errors in the presentation above.
-- i see that Steve K edited his post
r7c2 has been corrected to r3c2
does this help?
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Re: Quantums

Postby JasonLion-Admin » Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:59 pm

Thanks to surbier for supplying a backup of this topic. The posts above (except for the final post by Pat) were originally made between Sepember 4 2009 and September 7 2009.
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