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Postby Papy » Mon May 19, 2008 9:52 am

In fact when you work on Sudoku one point is important:
How compute the 'candidats' for a cell

The methods to solve the grid depends of he organisation you choose.

I use the folloving method:

First for each row,columne and box I compute a mask with the clues.

For each cell of a row I compute the mask with the 3 computed
When i have compute the 9 mask I Compute all the rows possibles with them

I sélect the first row and go to the second row.....

I try to compute the 81 mask and looking for Hidden but the result is very slow in front of Sudoku Hillr or Simpla Sudoku
because you have to examine and comute masks for the 81 cells at eah Loop.

Is there an other way?

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