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Postby AndreL » Fri Jan 20, 2006 10:14 pm

"COMPUTER AIDED SUDOKU" (C A S) is a game using Excel.
With C A S, you :
- enter the puzzle you want to solve in the small board called "Initial Puzzle".
- click the button "Initialise" to transfer it in the board called "Puzzle" in which you play
- start playing in the "Puzzle", with the mouse and the keyboard to choose the cell and to enter numbers. With "Del" you can remove a number in a cell.
You play as if you where in front of your sheet with a pencil and eraser.
You can save you game (with Excel) to continue later.
Until now it looks very classical.

Beginner or expert, you become tired or you are unable to find a new cell to play :
- click "Eliminate". Then in each cell, will remain small numbers which are the only possible candidates which help you to find new numbers.
- click "Look for singles" : if a candidate in a cell is alone in this cell, or in its row or in its column, or in its region, the cell will be marked and you have the work to find which candidate is alone. This helps you to find other numbers to fill the Puzzle.
- continue with "Eliminate", "Look for singles".....and in general you get the solution yourself.
If you do not finish, CAS will do it for you until the solution.

You have also many other commands of this kind which allow to :
- check that there are no duplicated number in the Puzzle
- memorise the game and replay it
- eliminate candidates in more sophisticated ways
- use your own strategy
- check if the problem is a "good Sudoku" with only ONE solution
- get the solution

Recommandations :
- to play C A S, you need Excel to be installed on your computer
- after downloading C A S, before playing, save it on your computer and recall it.
- if you do not know how to use Excel, do not be afraid. Just take your breath and try.... Read the Excel sheets (by clicking at the bottom) to get very simple explanations with examples. If necessary ask a friend if you really need help with Excel. After ten minuts, you will not regret your efforts and everything will become evident and you will appreciate to play yourself most of the time and to be helped only if and when you wish.

Where to dowload free C A S :

Do not hesitate to post an answer in this forum to explain what you appreciate, to get help, or for all other comment you would like to make.
Enjoy playing C A S .:D
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Postby AndreL » Thu Mar 09, 2006 7:42 am

Holidays, travelling, at work, you do not remember
===> Google "computer aided sudoku":D
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