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OPCULATO is the name for the enjoyable arithmetic operator calculation puzzle game that helps improve arithmetic, memory, logic and deduction.
The puzzles have been created specifically to tap into all these life skills. Opculato puzzles involve mental arithmetic to solve which arithmetic operator +,-,/ or x that should be placed in the blank squares to solve a given equation.You can also use a calculator to play at first but the game is far more enjoyable playing without a calculator and the benefits and satisfaction are far greater. OPCULATO includes 9000 different puzzles which include 3000 easy puzzles for kids using addition and subtraction operators,3000 medium opculato puzzles using the four arithmetic operators with three horizontal equations and 3000 normal opculato puzzles using the four arithmetic operator puzzles with four horizontal equations and one downward equation. OPCULATO is an ideal way to practice mental arithmetic.

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/opculato ... 77567?mt=8
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