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Postby udosuk » Tue Sep 27, 2005 5:14 pm

"Many number" in Japanese could be "Su Ta" or "Su Shuu".

But like Pi I don't think that's a relevant name for the "sudoku puzzles with multiple solutions". My personal opinion is that the Japanese puzzle solving public has a strong belief that decent puzzles should only have unique solutions, so giving a Japanese name for that particular concept is utterly inappropriate.

My suggestions would be "pseudo-sudokus" or "imperfect sudokus"...

And like many others I'm expecting Dan/Fleury to post his alternative solution to the 2nd "diabolical" puzzle, which is rated "easy" according to my program... ^_^
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Postby Fleury » Wed Sep 28, 2005 9:23 pm

Sorry for late answer, I have been travelling over the last two days.

Re- the second solution you're awaiting for... my bad. I realized that when I copied this puzzle from the book to solve it, I forgot one clue, the "6"in 7c8r... which indeed produced two solutions.:(

This being said: a) The puzzle at the beginning of the thread (with 158 solutions) was correctly submitted to you, with no clues missing and b) the name of the magazine where this puzzle was published (under the name sudoku) is HOLA ( It's the world leading women./people magazine in Spanish language. If your wives read spanish magazines, I bet they read "Hola". My wife does, so I did not have to buy it and cannot ask for reimbursement, as per one suggestion in the thread:)


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