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Postby Guest » Sat May 28, 2005 9:23 pm

have the times book 1 and rattled through the easy level, the medium is taking longer and far more enjoyable. I am not gifted with a logical brain and feel like a mechanic taking a car to pieces with a light bulb and a small stuffed toy for tools.
I feel i have mastered the slicing and dicing, but the next level is just out of my grasp. I can see the solution but they are just beyond my grasp, the light bulb and teddy technique is going to hold me back when i get to the harder problems i am sure.
Any suggestions.............

Postby george-no1 » Mon May 30, 2005 2:08 pm

Just keep practising. If you can't do one, go away for 10 minutes, have a cup of coffee (or whatever) and look at it again. If you can't do one, it's probably because you are missing something, not that you've filled it in wrongly.

Try doing a difficult or fiendish, and if you can do that in, say, 2 hours (it probably won't take you that long), then when you go back to doing mediums, you will be able to do it with much less effort.

If this doesn't help, have a look at the 'solving techniques' forum. However, much of the techniques mentioned there are unnecessary for mediums etc.

Hope this helps,

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