New version of Turbo Sudoku (new logic rule!)

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New version of Turbo Sudoku (new logic rule!)

Postby Tom » Mon Jul 11, 2005 4:28 am

Hi everybody,

The only "logic" rule that Turbo Sudoku 1.0 had was to fill in squares that only have one legal move.

I added a new rule for version 1.1: if a row, column, or box only has one occurrence of a legal move, make that move in the appropriate square.

Version 1.0 solved my hardest test case in 36ms (1403 nodes). Version 1.1 solves the test case in 7ms (110 nodes). It's a pretty dramatic improvement.

Probably more interesting/useful to users, the light green squares in the GUI reflect the new rule (instead of just squares with the smallest number of possible moves).

Hope you like it,
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