New Version of Checker

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New Version of Checker

Postby Moschopulus » Fri Mar 31, 2006 2:25 am

A new version of the program checker is now available (free) at

Source code and windows executable files all available for download.

Checker was written to search exhaustively through a completed grid for a puzzle with n clues. We have added some things.

New Features

- Checker, unavoid work for Sudoku-X and Sudoku-DG also.

- Checker allows you to fix more than just a single clue (to search certain branches of the search tree only), also useful for splitting search jobs over several computers.

- Checker and unavoid now find all unavoidable sets of size up to 12.

- Unavoidable sets are saved to a file.

- Checker doesn't stop when finding one puzzle. Saves puzzles found to a file.

- Checker and unavoid assign themselves lowest thread priority on windows.

- Has a "random" mode: search tuples in random order, which is useful for finding n-puzzles, and also allows you to reliably estimate the computation time for a full search.

- option to search for pseudo-puzzles with 2 solutions as well.

- print statistics (percentage of time spent in solver).

Thanks are due to many people, including Red Ed, Ocean, dukuso, gsf, gfroyle.
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Re: New Version of Checker

Postby Ocean » Fri Apr 28, 2006 9:28 pm

Thanks for the nice collection of programs. Downloaded the new versions recently. Will study the programs over time, and hopefully learn something new.
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