New solver program.

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New solver program.

Postby Mephistopheles » Wed Dec 28, 2005 11:12 pm

i've programmed a sudoku solver who always find solution(s) if there is'nt any errors in the grid. if there is more than one solutionor if he can't find logically the solution, he start a search for all solutions(warning: an empty grid have more of 10^17 solution so you will nerver see all of them (it would need more of a hundred million of years to calculate it).

you could download it here:

the program is in french (i'm french) but i think it's not mor dificult to us as it was in english (eaven if my english if horrible).

goods sudokus.

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Postby makrodzef » Fri Jan 20, 2006 3:20 pm

I wrote a GNU-Prolog program which is able to compute all the already full filled grid (you just need to have free time) and also to solve puzzle (grid with just some filled cells).

I describ the big 9*9 matrix as a 3*3 matrix of small square of 3*3 integer cell and a mtatrix is a list of row.

You can checkout the prolog source at my site

The program use a specif GNU prolog predicate fd_all_different but i thing that writing explicit deifnition of all different predicat can work.

Solving any grid just take less than one second !
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