New puzzle : 15addix

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New puzzle : 15addix

Postby Minopoli » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:31 pm

Hi everybody,

If you like puzzles here you may find a challenging one.

The rules are written in french but not hard one, just Babel it.
The goal of the game is to empty all the board.
You have to add some digits either in the line or in the column such as its sum is a multiple of 15 (15,30,45,60,and so on).
The board is built with 9 digits from 1 to 9 nine times.
You have each time to make a choice : column or line. It is prohibited to choose digits from a line and others from a column.

Good luck!
Let me know you thoughts about the game.

Thank you for any comment, you can do it in english I will translate and answer.
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