New algorithm behind a new site, no hard sudoku problem

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New algorithm behind a new site, no hard sudoku problem

Postby Thierry Moreau » Tue Dec 20, 2011 5:01 am


At, you will find a solver and "design parameters" reporting software working for you.

The algorithm has been developed from scratch, using a moderately efficient internal representation of paths (the nine positions in each block) as the basis for most logic processing.

For sudoku problem designers, I suspect the algorithm approach could have some potential, but pursuing this idea is not my priority. The design parameter reporting is "as is".

The site purpose is for operational experience with a new web server software, so your traffic is helping me to test the "powered by" software. The web server software comes with a session tracking mechanism that may not be the most pleasant user experience; I hope I don't have to apologize about it.

No hard problems has been found really hard for this algorithm. Actually the algorithm has been improved with a few hard problems collected here, thanks.


- Thierry Moreau
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