Need a List

Advanced methods and approaches for solving Sudoku puzzles

Need a List

Postby Kakuro-San » Thu Jul 20, 2006 4:36 pm

Hey everybody. Hence to my name, I mainly play Kakuro, but recently Ive got into sudoku'ing.

Im tired of solving puzzles through trial and error. ( Writing something down, erasing it, on and on and on ).

It'd Be great if someone could give me a list of all the techniques I can use to solve sudoku. ( EX: BUG, x-wing, xy and xyz-wing, chains, swordfish, etc. ). And please give me a list of sites where I can read up on them.


Thanks for all the help I've got so far!

~ Kakuro-San ~
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Postby Jean-Christophe » Thu Jul 20, 2006 5:12 pm

Did you have a look at the Sticky post Collection of solving techniques at the top of this forum.

If you like kakuro and sudoku, then you must like killer sudoku which is a mix of the two flavours. It's my favorite:D
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