Mac OS X "Su Doku Live" (Windows and linux come la

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Mac OS X "Su Doku Live" (Windows and linux come la

Postby pls » Thu Mar 02, 2006 10:19 pm

Hi all! I am making my attempt at a Su Doku game... I have added a few twists to the regular offers everybody else seems to be making, and "Su Doku Live" includes real-time network games, and been trying my best to make a "single player" mode that is pleasant to play with.

If you have a Apple Mac, and want to help me make the game, I will be glad to give you the due credit on your ideas and bug reports, as well as offer a registered version of the final game (as soon as I actually start selling it).

The game is just two weeks old, so please go easy on me (the only programer involved), and have fun. You can find a bit more info and screenshots about it on ...

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