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Learner's Sudoku Applet

Postby AJG » Thu Aug 09, 2012 3:26 am

For a college programming course I decided to create a Sudoku applet that teaches you different solving method techniques. The program generates random puzzles (easy, medium, and hard) and currently teaches 5 different methods of solving a sudoku: Naked Single, Hidden Single, Segment One, Segment Two, and Naked Pair. It isn't a finished product, but I need feedback, so criticism is welcomed.

Here is the site to my Applet: http://jedi.cs.mcla.edu/amorygalili/sudokuApplet/game.html

And here's a brief list of features I've added to the game:
-A clock that can be toggled on and off
-A random puzzle generator with 3 difficulties
-The ability to turn cells into notes by pressing enter or checking Note when a cell is selected.
-The ability to check for errors on your puzzle

And here are the directions for using methods taken directly from the program itself:

Start learning how to solve sudoku puzzles by selecting a method.A definition is provided for each method. Click on the cells of the sudoku to see where and how each method can be used. Check 'Show Explanation' to show how the method can be used on a selected cell. Click 'Use Method' to help you solve the puzzle step by step.
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Re: Learner's Sudoku Applet

Postby AJG » Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:06 pm

A few updates

The applet now teaches 10 sudoku solving methods: 4 hidden subset methods, 4 naked subset methods, segment one, and segment two.

Click on a cell and a box will follow the mouse explaining why a method can be used on the selected cell.

I will soon add a feature that gives tips on how to spot each method.

One again suggestions, criticism, or any other comments are greatly appreciated.
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