Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Energy Centers

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Kundalini Yoga and Kundalini Energy Centers

Postby Roger85 » Sat May 10, 2008 9:43 am

Kundalini yoga is the method of awakening latent powers of super consciousness that are dormant in humans within their sushumna nadi or spinal cord. Kundalini is a form of energy (knowledge and consciousness energy) dormant, which can be awakened by different methods. Moving of Kundalini energy up the energy chakras or special energy centers in the sushumna opens the doors of knowledge and blissful divine experiences.

Though there are different methods of awakening kundalini, Raja Yoga method or meditation method is usually employed in awakening kundalini sakthi or Ayurvedic Treatments. This kundalini is compared to a snake coiled and sleeping within mooladhara chakra, the lowest energy center of sushumna, the spinal cord.

When arose, the energy moves up through the different energy centers through the spine to reach the seventh chakra. The conscious effort to awaken kundalini should be practiced only under the guidance of a kundalini yogi. The high spiritual awareness and enlightened state that one achieves by awakening may be beyond the control of the person. There can also be imbalances in the mind and body of the person, which a trainer can identify and appropriately rectify.

Practicing Kundalini yoga is not easy for anyone. People practicing this may be frightened by the experience of sudden energy flow through their body, the smell, touch and sounds they experience with awakening of kundalini. They also may be distracted by the energy flow they get.

Pranayama can be combined to awaken kundalini sakthi. Meditation is another method of awakening kundalini. Some methods of yoga employ harsh techniques to awaken the dormant power, while others just soothe the energy fields so that kundalini can enter the energy channel. Concentrating on kundalini energy field while practicing pranayama in a yoga pose designed for deep meditation can awaken kundalini energy very quickly. The person may or may not be able to handle the energy flow.

Many yogis believe it is not OK to awaken Kundalini without the presence of a teacher, while others frown down the idea and say it is OK to awaken the energy. There are different techniques of awakening kundalini energy. Know that it is serious psychic energy and inability to control the energy may lead to several problems including mental imbalances
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