Kool Sudoku - Free online game with sophisticated features

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Kool Sudoku - Free online game with sophisticated features

Postby koolgamer » Thu Dec 01, 2005 1:49 pm


I was fascinated by Sudoku and as I started playing with various programs
and online sites available, I realised there were a few things lacking.

So, was born Kool Sudoku!

It has advanced features such as: You can bookmark your favourite
games, save and load your board positions, add notes to each cell,
a scratch pad on the side which makes paper and pen unnecessary!
(And yes you can save the scratch pad too).

And yes, its absolutely free :)

It lets you solve the puzzles from your desk (bored of Solitaire for time-pass?) and lets you pickup and continue the game whenever you are free.

Yes, yes, for the impatient there are clues when you are stuck, step by
step solving tutorial which shows you how to solve the board and more!!

Every one is most welcome to use this and dont forget to let me know
what you think! If you give me new ideas or report bugs, I will add them/fix them and make it even more Kool :)

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