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Kool Sudoku - completely paperless sudoku for free

Postby koolgamer » Sat Dec 03, 2005 1:02 am

Hi Everyone,

Kool Sudoku is now online and available for everyone. It has lot of
features you find only on paid games, and more.

You can play on the go, where-ever you are logged from - from work
when you want a little diversion, and then go home and continue from
where you left off.

Of course its completely free.

You can mark little notes in each cell, the scratch pad in the side gives
you the same interface as what you would scribble on a piece of paper!
And best of all you can save all this when you log out (including the
moves you have already made) and continue it later.

Of course, you can get a hint when you are stuck, or if you are bored
you can see the computer solve it step by step teaching you how.

Currenly there are limited number of puzzles (around 30) but as people start playing I am going add more [Edited by Pappocom]

Feel free to let me know how it goes, and provide me with feedbacks.
Best idea suggestion will get implemented rightway!
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