Killer No 117 The Times 4th Feb

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Killer No 117 The Times 4th Feb

Postby snowster » Tue Feb 07, 2006 2:43 pm

Can people please have a go at this and confirm that they have printed it wrong,,,18209-2022144,00.html and perhaps the times or pappocom would like to apologise for the mental anguish they have put us through LOL!!
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Postby CathyW » Tue Feb 07, 2006 3:56 pm

See the Sudoku variants forum for more on this puzzle.

The puzzle was in error - the 35 cage should have been 36 and the 14 cage in row 3 should have been 13. Then it's solvable. The Times printed an apology above today's puzzle.

BTW Pappocom do not produce the Killer puzzles - that was another error by The Times!
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