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Postby novi » Sat May 07, 2011 6:54 pm

I use JSudoku software to make my puzzles because the appearance of the output image can be set the way I want it to be.


The program has a few drawbacks such as always trying to group 6's together and insisting on some bit of symmetry whereas I prefer a scattered numbers placement, but I run the generator over and over while watching TV to get the puzzles I might want to use.

So that I can avoid being hacked I have no normal Java installed but instead use PortableApps.com Platform to launch the Java Portable Launcher to launch jPortable and run JSudoku.

Code: Select all
JSudoku -- settings used

font --> Arial Narrow size 24

jigsaw template symmetries = all

color -->

windoku             89 107 126
windoku background  90 120 200 a=32 width 3

jigsaw      77 77 77      width 7
nonet       77 77 77      width 4
diagonal     0  0  0 a=32 width 3
consecutive 88 88 88      width 7

extra group color 1 = 255 255 255
            color 2 = 237 252 217
            color 3 = 252 237 217

overlaped grids background 200 110  80 a=32

puzzles pixels -->

large   650

medium  400

regular 300

Basic    = Rating: Super Easy
Easy     = Rating: Very Easy
Moderate = Rating: Easy

Watch the Log panel to be certain the
rating is what you want and that
the number of bottleneck singles is low,
between 1 to 8 depending on the type
of puzzle being generated, and that the
numbers of givens is OK.

Watch that the puzzle does not have too
much of certain numbers in one part of
the puzzle such as a majority of 7's in
one part of a Samurai puzzle.
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