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Java programming

Postby computerpuzzler » Fri Oct 24, 2008 4:01 am

Joined today.

Am working on my own extended sudoku program in Java.

I've got a book by Mensa which gave extra solution techniques and it appears that there is more to learn.

With some reprogramming I intend mine to also cater for mobile phones and similar.

One problem with Java is that the JREs for different platforms are not all uptodate. For example, one platform is the Psion series 5 and 7 (uses the ARM processor) which are no longer made but are very good portable computers, so the JRE is very old.

It is a pity that languages do not have built in to say while this program is written for version 6, it does not use any features after version 2.

I look forward to running your program and perhaps collaborating?

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