How to solve evil puzzles at

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How to solve evil puzzles at

Postby Will Hill » Mon Dec 12, 2005 2:16 am

I've found evil sudokus at very difficult. I can't solve them without pencil marking. Well, I solved one with websudoku's own pencil marking and it took over 50 minutes for me. Websudoku said average time for evil ones is something about 20 minutes and I was confused. Are players really able to solve them without pencil marking or what? After that I tried Simple Sudoku software and found how easily evil puzzles can be solved with it, because Simple Sudoku does pencil marking automatically. Then I started a new evil puzzle at websudoku and wrote initial situation into Simple Sudoku, solved puzzle with it and then wrote result into Websudoku. I managed to do that in six minutes.

I ask, is that 20 minutes average at Websudoku done with helpers like Simple Sudoku, or are other players just so fast?
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