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Re: Help with next steps

Postby champagne » Mon Sep 03, 2018 7:06 am

Nothing to object to the 3 shapes.

Regarding the names, it's not an issue for me.

The reason why I thought of this as a "kite" pattern is the following.

For me, kites and skyscrapers are made of 2 strong inferences linked by a conflict

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   b    B

aA strong inference
bB strong inference

if ab is a conflict (not "a & b"), then we have A | B (whatever binary concept is below a,A b,B)

in a one digit situation, this is the Kite pattern.

if a,b have the same first digit ; A and B have the same second digit, then we have something like our example
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Re: Help with next steps

Postby SpAce » Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:36 am

champagne wrote:The reason why I thought of this as a "kite" pattern is the following. ...

Thanks, champagne! Now I see how you drew the connection. You're absolutely correct that they have a similarity if thought that way. Both have two strong links in their normal form and the same digit at both chain ends (AIC Type 1):

Norm Kite: (x)A = (x)a - (x)b = (x)B
yoUR Kite: (x)A == (y)b - (y=x)B

The latter can also be written with just one strong link, but it just means that the conflict (aka weak link) and the second strong link are hidden inside the ALS node:

(x)A == (yx)bB

So, I now agree that there's a connection. (I still wouldn't call it a Kite, though, because for a casual player the connection would probably be hard to see, especially with the variant shapes.)
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