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Re: Grading invalid puzzles...

Postby ixsetf » Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:40 pm

m_b_metcalf wrote:
ixsetf wrote:Can you give an example of when having a row/column/box without 1 candidate per cell wouldn't lead to an empty cell,

This is not what I said. I mean that, for example, if a row doesn't contain a clue with the value '6', then it must contain at least one candidate with that value.

Ahh ok, thanks for the clarification. I assumed you were saying that there exists some zero solution puzzle for which it is necessary to use this rule instead of the empty cell rule. I understand the argument for ending a solve path when this contradiction occurs, although I personally would like to keep the conditions for ending a solve path as simple as possible. This is of course up for debate.
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