GA06 : A Turquoise Pearl

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GA06 : A Turquoise Pearl

Postby gurth » Sat Oct 07, 2006 7:20 am

GA06 : A Turquoise Pearl

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One is never satisfied.

I didn't like the first cell of my puzzles to be solved easily, so I started looking for Pearls.

Now I am getting even more jealous. I even resent candidates being eliminated ! (No, I am not a Scorpio, but I certainly have a Scorpio streak!)

That is why I like GA06, no matter how boring her shape. To eliminate the first candidate, you need more than elementary technique (locked candidates and subsets).

And that is then my definition of what I want to call a Turquoise.

Every Turquoise is a Pearl, at least a small one. To remind me of that delicious fact, I think I will tend to indulge in the tautological redundancy of "Turquoise Pearl".

But it goes without saying that no non-minimal puzzle can qualify for this term.

GA06 is a large pearl.
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Postby gurth » Thu Oct 26, 2006 9:42 am

"GA06 is a large pearl." :

(SE Analysis results
Difficulty rating: 9.1 / 10
This Sudoku can be solved using the following logical methods:
50 x Hidden Single
3 x Direct Hidden Pair
2 x Naked Single
2 x Pointing
2 x Claiming
4 x Naked Pair
2 x X-Wing
3 x Hidden Pair
2 x Naked Triplet
1 x Swordfish
1 x Unique Rectangle type 1
1 x BUG type 1
1 x Forcing X-Chain
1 x Bidirectional Y-Cycle
11 x Forcing Chain
1 x Nishio Forcing Chains
11 x Region Forcing Chains
1 x Cell Forcing Chains
4 x Dynamic Region Forcing Chains
3 x Dynamic Cell Forcing Chains
4 x Dynamic Contradiction Forcing Chains

Note: size of Pearl: requires SE 7.2 to solve the first cell.
Size of Turquoise: requires SE 3.8 to remove the first candidate.
Posts: 358
Joined: 11 February 2006
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

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