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Postby thierry marneffe » Mon Jul 17, 2006 9:27 pm


Looking for a free Sudoku game ? And a solver ?

Here it is: Isanaki 1.2 [Edited by Luna :provided a direct link]

I'll be glad to here your opinion ...

Thanks for trying it ...

thierry marneffe
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Postby Spiffy Maryjo » Tue Jul 18, 2006 4:53 pm

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Isanaki 1.5b

Postby thierry marneffe » Sun Oct 08, 2006 9:11 pm


Isanaki is a Sudoku solver able to find solution for moderately hard boards... The new Isanaki 1.5b is now available ....

1. Isanaki 1.5b supports 9*9 boards and 16*16 boards
2. The application updates automatically the pencil marks in each cell of the board to show the remaining candidates.
3. If you prefer the hard way, you can turn this feature off and hide the pencil marks ...
4. You can enter a new board by four different ways
* Switch the Board to Set Mode and Type in the board data manually. To do this, select the menu 'Sudoku | Set Board'
* Open a Sudoku Board from the Sudoku Board file handled by Isanaki 1.5b. This file is named BoardData.sbd and contains all the Boarda you saved.
* Import a Sudoku Board from a Sudoku Text File. Isanaki 1.5b attemps to read different kinds of Sudoku files (.txt .msk .sdk .sol .spf .ss) but their structure are not stricly defined.
5. In Set Mode, the current cell is surounded by a white border (but you can change this colour to fit your favorite colour)
6. Once the board is loaded, you can switch to Solve Mode by selecting the menu 'Sudoku | Solve Board' and start resolving the puzzle.
7. In Solve Mode, the current cell is surounded by a blue border (but you can change this colour to fit your favorite colour)
8. You can enter the numbers (or the letters in 16*16 puzzles) by typing the keyboard or clicking with the mouse on the different buttons on the top of the puzzle.
9. You can always delete a number inside the current cell by typing the 'Delete' key
10. Isanaki 1.5b handles a 256-level of Undo-Redo. Whatever the source of the change (user entry, application hint or complete board solving), you can undo or redo it. You can walk between steps using the arrows around the Hint icon ...
11. To avoid trips into a dead end, Isanaki 1.5a highlights the mistales in red. You can switch this feature off and you can change the default colour to fit your favorite one.
12. Navigating around the puzzle can be done using the arrow keys (left and right keys to travel in the current row, up and down keys to travel in the current column) and the tab key (to cross the whole puzzle)
13. Save the board for later use in a single file (BoardData.sbd) that can store dozens of boards ...
14. Using the BoardData file, you can store partly solved puzzle, later retrieve the puzzle in the state you left it and continue the search for final solution.
15. You can ask the application to solve the puzzle for you. Just select the menu 'Solve' and select the type of logic for puzzle solving
* Brute-Force Sudoku Solving: in this case, the application guesses in a systematic (recursive) way the different givens of the board up to the complete solution. For a 9 * 9 board, it typically takes one or two milliseconds (using a 3.2 Ghz computer). For complexe 16 * 16 board, the process could exceed 10 seconds. At any time, you can stop a lengthy brute-force processing by selecting the menu 'Solve | Stop Brute-Force Solving'
* Iterative Human-Like Logic: Isanaki 1.5a applies the same techniques as you to solve the puzzle (see below for the solving techniques used). It applies the different techniques sequentially from the simplest ones to the more complex one from the first cell to the last one. As soon as it found something, it restarts the processing.
* Progressive Human-Like Logic: Basically, the application applies the same techniques in the same order but it scans all the cells of the puzzle, using a given technique, before restarting the processing. For some puzzles, the speed of resolution is improved using the progressive processing.
16. Isanaki 1.5b can help you solving the puzzle if you hit a stop point ... Select the menu 'Solve | Hint' or click on the button representing a small lamp. The application will attempt to give you the next step plus some
explanations of how it find it !!! It's a great way to learn how to solve some puzzle ...
17. You can print and preview the printing of a Sudoku board. Printing is quite minimal... Features Request welcome !!!
18. If your screen display does not fit yours eyes, try changing the zoom ... from 50% to 400%.
19. You can change option as showing or hiding pencil marks, showing mistakes, .. and all the colours used by Isanaki 1.5b. Select the Menu 'Options | Board Options' and change them to fit your needs.

Download the zipped executable at

Hope to see you soon !!! Have Fun ...
thierry marneffe
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