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Free Helper - Sudoku Investigator (DHTML & Javascript)

Postby typo_pl » Thu May 03, 2007 5:12 pm

See Sudoku Investigator at

Screenshot: SeeImage

I developed this helper to help me solve newspaper sudokus. I thought others might find it useful.

- Small size (66KB for the HTML file, 71KB for the offline IE6-HTA version - email if you want it)
- Works on IE6, FireFox 2.0. Not so much, esp. kbd cmds, on Opera 9.
- Easy setup (click on SETUP/INVESTIGATE to switch between modes)
- Usable via keyboard or mouse (click on the Help link at the bottom or press F10 in IE6 for list of keyboard commands)
- Calculates and updates valid possible numbers (marks) for each cell
- Multiple levels of undo/redo.
- Highlight groups of one or two possible numbers in a cell
- Highlight number in different cells as the current number, identical numbers in the same square, row, column are shown in different colours
- Different puzzle display sizes
- Save/Load puzzle
- Timer

- Keyboarders: Use the cursor keys to move around the puzzle
- Left-click on a mark to select that number for the cell or press a number to place the number in the cell. Only valid numbers are allowed.
- Right-click on a mark to hide that number for the cell, if you don't think it is valid for the cell. Keyboarders: ALT-[num] does the same thing
- Move the mouse over any number to show where that number is in other cells
- For keyboarders, use CTRL+[num] to do the same thing
- click on SETUP header at top to switch to INVESTIGATE mode

- Doesn't generate puzzles. You can get them from newspapers or on the web.
User has to enter the puzzle via 81-digit string (0 or . represents
empty squares) or use the mouse to place digits on the puzzle.
See below for sources of puzzles.

- Doesn't solve puzzles. This isn't rocket science, just logic.
This means that most puzzles are solvable using my Sudoku Investigator
except fiendish/maniac level puzzles.

Feel free to send comments/suggestions/bug reports.

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