for size 9x9, ~80 turns, ~20 moves per turn, is that deep?

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for size 9x9, ~80 turns, ~20 moves per turn, is that deep?

Postby melevy » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:14 pm

Hi all!

I'm sorry about being somewhat off topic and disturbing you. I desperately need some clever players to play against in an android game. I though that this could be the right forum for that. I'm already #1 on the scoreboard for size 5x5 and 6x6, well... at least at the moment :)

The game is pretty simple and yet it is very challenging I think. At the beginning of the game the board is filled with one digit numbers. In each turn you toss a number over another (that will be removed). You get a score equal to the removed number. If the two numbers were equal, then your score is doubled. That's it! Do you think that it is too simple? Try beating my scores... my name is levy in the game ;-)

The best part is that cheating with the high scores on the global scoreboards is prevented. This is because the client only submits the sequence of moves and the server will calculate the score based on that. The global scoreboards can also be filtered with tags allowing you to play against your friends, etc. The game also includes a challenge editor...

I hope, I did not waste your time...

The game is called Number Puzzle, and it is absolutely free on the android market:
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