Erzgebirgian Christmas

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Erzgebirgian Christmas

Postby Pyrrhon » Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:22 pm

We have here now the Advent time. The windows of the houses in our region are illuminated by Schwibbögen, Lichterbögen ... yet. The Christmas time is very special in my region. So I decided to make a little puzzle serie related to Christmas traditions in our region.

Windows Picture "Bergmaa"

Starting in the week before the 1st Advent you can see in the Erzgebirge besides other things frequently so-called windows pictures. These are made with fretsaws, at wood turning lathes or with wood carving knives. This puzzle shows a traditional fretsaw theme which is also used for Schwibbögen and Lichterbögen. You can see two Bergmaa (miners), there tools and a little Erzgebirgian church.

Fill in the grid so that it contains the digits 1 through 6 four times each. There are no neighbouring cells with the same or with consecutive digits.


Angel Dominos

Angel musicians are an integral part of Erzgebirgian Christmas traditions. In many homes there is a cloud with such wooden angels.

Here is a puzzle with domino stones on which Christmas angels can be seen.

Like in Domino Search (that we have in another thread here) the domino pieces shown at the bottom have been arranged to form a rectangle. After that the borderlines between the pieces have been removed. Reconstruct the missing lines so that every domino piece exists exactly once in the diagram.

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