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Driven Sudoku ebook

Postby frankdimat » Sun Mar 22, 2020 1:29 am

Hi to all, my name is Francesco and i'm an italian puzzle designer.
I would like to report my "10 Driven Sudoku" ebook.
It seems impossible, but this ebook was designed for playing sudoku on all ebook readers, even old ones such as the Kindle Paperwhite or earlier e-ink devices, in addition of course to all the most recent readers (It works even on PC with ebook reader software like Calibre).
A new way to take a break between one novel and another with our favorite pastime!
But, what is a Driven Sudoku? It is a traditional sudoku in which every grid asks the player the digit of a single cell, the "input cell". If the chosen digit is correct, the game moves to the next grid "updated", placed on another page (but NOT the next page... ;) too simple... all the sudoku grids are scrambled), in where you will find the updated grid with the just added digit and where a new "input cell" is proposed, and so on, until the grid is completed and Sudoku will be solved.
I thank anyone who wants to try and give me any positive feedback I hope.
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