Do you want Sudoku on your website?

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Do you want Sudoku on your website?

Postby gaby » Thu Nov 17, 2005 2:33 pm


I've set up a syndication system on my sudoku site:

Which will allow you to put my solver and puzzles on your website, in the colours and style of your choosing. The system is in beta at the moment and I would like some testers who are willling to try the syndication system out. The system is free of charge, but is limited to 250 puzzles per day, per user. What it involves:

1. Login to the syndicate account that I will create for you on my server
2. Use the JS code builder to build a snippet of javascript that you place in your site, in the location you want the puzzle to appear.

That's it really. It's a cut and paste job from my code builder and the rest is done with some dynamic JavaScript and php at my end. As a result, you get the benefit of my ever-increasing puzzle archive and the ease of use of my Flash solver. You don't have to host a copy of the solver, or any of my puzzles, as it's all done client-side.

If anybody is interested in trialling the system, please let me know. There will only be a limited number of trial accounts so if you are interested, reply soon!

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