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counting characters

Postby Hajime » Tue Jan 07, 2020 1:47 pm

hajime's sentence has four a's, two c's, two d's, twentyfive e's, five f's, three g's, ten h's, nine i's, two j's, two m's, thirteen n's, eight o's, eight r's, twentythree s's, twentytwo t's, three u's, three v's, nine w's and four y's

Above self-referential sentence counts its own characters. So the number of characters is actually mentioned in the sentence itself. If the character "c" occurs 2 times in the sentence, somewhere in the very same sentence the quote "two c's" will occur. This yields for every character in the sentence !!!!

Such a sentence is of course a private sentence if your own name occurs. A challenge for recursive-algorithm programmers?
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