Colored Sudokus Easier than with Numbers?

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Colored Sudokus Easier than with Numbers?

Postby bloggeroliver » Wed Jul 26, 2017 11:11 pm


I created a Sudoku app for Android and recently introduced colored Sudokus, meaning the fields are now filled with one of nine colors instead of numbers.
Since my app also features a highscore board and times got pretty competitive in my opinion, I am wondering:
Is it easier to solve a Sudoku with colors?
I myself do not solve many Sudokus, but just started with the topic from an algorithmic perspective on how to create good Sudoku puzzles, and thus lack the experience.
Once I got used to the colors though, I am thinking I can kind of see out of the corners of my eyes which colors are missing in a row (so we're speaking about easy Sudokus now).
Meaning people using these Sudokus would generally be faster than people using the number version.
What is your opinion on that? Is it just my lacking experience?
If I may, I'll share the link to the app to try: ... eday&hl=en

Best, and thanks a lot!
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Re: Colored Sudokus Easier than with Numbers?

Postby yaling.zheng » Sat Jul 29, 2017 3:21 am

If only four colors, I will gladly do Color Sudoku.

Nine different colors are too much for me.
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