Color,Symbol,Letter and Classic Boards with unique hints

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Color,Symbol,Letter and Classic Boards with unique hints

Postby TToggweiler2009 » Thu Apr 10, 2014 1:21 am

This is a project that I have helped create for a senior project. We are attempting to study the effects of changing the board type has on user performance.

The game allows users to choose from color, symbol, letter and classic boards. There is also Highlight, auto sweep and "give me a hint" helpers.
Highlight works by double clicking and the board with show where the number clicked can go.
Auto sweet will remove the option to put a number into a cell if it is constrained by its row, column or box
Give me a hint helper will highlight a cell and give you a hint as to how to solve that single cell.

Please tell me your thoughts, criticisms, improvements that you would like to see.

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