Collection January 4, 2013

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Re: Collection January 4, 2013

Postby Luke » Sun Jan 06, 2013 8:59 pm

RW wrote:When I think about it, this pattern (which is essentially the same as in the puzzle, except the extension of 14 cells):

Code: Select all
17  17
14  14
147 147

would in fact be quite hard to describe as a MUG. Because, if we end up here, candidate 1 is automatically eliminated from the 147 cells and we are left with

Code: Select all
17  17
14  14
47  47

= a standard BUG-lite.

Right or wrong, it's never been too hard for me to describe this as a MUG:

- There's precedence for doing so in usage by players considerably smarter than me;
- All MUGs reduce to BUG-Lites in the end, anyway;
- And here's a rash and probably over-simplified statement :arrow:

If it's all bivalues, it's a BUG-Lite, and
if any group has more than 2 candidates, it's a MUG.
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