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Post the puzzle or solving technique that's causing you trouble and someone will help

Postby StrmCkr » Fri Dec 01, 2006 1:20 pm

no i do not seriously think some one would know what it is.

it was more for udosuk (that said "shows your method is flawed")

i was going to post help originally but i was getting 3 solutions... so i had to figure out where i was getting my own errors.

and then i read/saw that comment from Udosuk so i just had to point out where it works.

that part wasnt really intended to help (but it could if you felt like reading my articles, but my writing skills are deplorable so there ver hard to read/ follow)

i should have included some
real help and that

would have been to say look up use of a Jellyish followed with a "sword fish" (as suggested)

is to find and deffinitly easier to read there is many

help thread/topics on here for there practice/usage

and target the "8"s

alternatives would have been a ALS xy chain (as suggest )
Some do, some teach, the rest look it up.
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