Beginners - Submit Answer auto/manual

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Beginners - Submit Answer auto/manual

Postby MktTrader » Sat May 05, 2007 8:46 pm

I've used the pgm for a long time but wanted to try it without the errors flagging red. In the middle of a puzzle I turned off error flagging (automatic submittal) and finished it. the submit answer check mark turned on but nothing happens when I push it. Isn't it supposed to say it OK or flag the errors?

I must not be doing something right so please tell me how.

I hate it when I post then discover the answer. I made 2 setting changes, 1 was turning off the flag wrong ones, the other manual submit. No matter what the submit setting, it won't show wrong ones unless the flag wrong ones is checked.

OK, those who know are shaking their heads muttering "what an idiot". Just be glad I'm not piloting your next commercial flight. Or am I....

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