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Appearing sequence

Postby Jack B. » Sun Mar 19, 2006 4:17 am

Could anyone tell me if I can spot anything from the following sequence:
when I get three cells in a block (not necessarily in a straight line)...and I have 3 numbers which appear as follows - 12 - 23 - 123. I'll have this combination come up several times during each puzzle. I can eventually solve this...I was wanting to know if there was any shortcut to save some time.
Jack B.
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Postby MrHamilton » Sun Mar 19, 2006 6:00 am

The answer may be "it depends on what else is going on."
Often in practice one can exclude the extra digit (in this case exclude the 2 from the 1-2-3).
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Postby Myth Jellies » Sun Mar 19, 2006 8:15 am

Those three cells form a naked triple. You can remove 123 from any other cell that contains them in that box. In general, there is no other certain reduction you can make with those candidates.
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