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Postby Bee53 Sudoku Gold » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:51 am

Hi Sudoku lovers!

As my first real project in Android development I fancied trying to code a Sudoku solver. Realising there was only so much mileage for that in the app store I turned it into a Sudoku game in its own right.

So my reason for being here is two-fold:
Firstly of course I'd be daft not to try to promote my new creation, after all if it isn't of interest to people in a Sudoku forum then I may as well move quickly on to a tic-tac-toe game.

Secondly, and much more importantly to me on this forum is to ask for your help and advice. I genuinely want to create a great app that fans of Sudoku will want to keep playing for years to come. Although I'm a Sudoku fan and have enjoyed the puzzles (mostly in paper format) for some time, it's clear having read some of these forums that I'm not in the same league as many of your contributors. So I'd like to appeal to the generous side of you Android-toting users and ask if you would be kind enough to provide me just a little of your time. I'd love it if you would give the free version a bash and provide me some feedback via these forums so I can make some rapid (I hope) improvements to the app. I understand that not everyone that plays Sudoku Gold will be hardened veterans of the genre but it would be great if I can make it suit players of all levels.

Current status and known issues:
    * The app is live because I want some feedback but there's certainly still some work before it's really "finished".
    * The app has relatively complex (by my standards at least) logic-based solvers. I haven't yet programmed a couple of methods that I'm currently aware of but they'll be in the next release along with any other logic based methods I can find that aren't already included (and I'm sure there's quite a few). I've purposely avoided any brute-force requirements.
    * All built-in puzzles have been run through the in-app solvers so I think they are all single-solution puzzles categorised reasonably consistently.
    * My initial thoughts were to try to make it language-neutral but when I started to include the hints system I realised that wasn't going to work. As a result I'm going to go back and make the icons more intuitive by including some more text. On a similar note I'm working on a short tutorial video for the next release.
    * Rotation has been a bit of a headache with the hints currently only showing in portrait mode.

Thank you in advance to anyone who is able and willing to help, I really do appreciate it.

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Regards Jon

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