Android Betatesters needed

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Android Betatesters needed

Postby Lars Adolfsen » Sun Nov 25, 2012 3:15 pm


We are a couple of guys who like to play Sudoku that missed a turn based two-player Sudoku game. After some discussion on how it could be done we started in April game testing offline. In May we started designing and programming the game.

Right now we have a working beta edition, but we really need other Sudoku players feedback on the game.

Beta testing
If you have an Android device and could spare 10 minutes a day to play Sudoku, we would love any feedback and help you can give to make the game better :)

Sudoku Duel is a multiplayer Sudoku game where you can challenge your friends or a random opponent in a duel of numbers. In Sudoku Duel you take turns placing your pieces, maximizing your score by figuring out how to use your pieces to give you the most points.

How to get the game
You can download the game from:

To install you will have to allow installation of non-market apps. This is just until we go live at Google Play.

I have attached a Pdf file with a description of how to install it.

How to help

We would love to hear you comments on the game, bugs, game play, usability or how you feel the game could be better. You can do it here in the forum, in-app through the menu button or join our beta tester group on Facebook:

We appreciate any help we can get :)

Lars Adolfsen
How to install SudokuDuel Beta edition on your Android device.pdf
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