A site with 12 new printable sudokus every day for free

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A site with 12 new printable sudokus every day for free

Postby ronnyvk » Fri Apr 18, 2014 2:00 pm


I made a site that keeps statistics about the temperature where I live. But I also added a sudoku page to my site where the system renews every day a PDF with 12 sudokus !You can print it at home. At midnight the PDF is renewed with 12 new sudokus. I also added binary puzzles (a PDF with 14 binary puzzles that is also renewed every day). My site is not a commercial site so you do not have to register or anything, it's free : just download the PDF and print it !

The site is dutch when you visit it, but click on the english flag to change it to english (also french and german available). And the click on the button 'Free puzzles" ...

You can find my site here : http://www.ronsemeteo.nl.ae

If you enjoy it, you can send me an email (click on "contact"' button on the site)

Enjoy the sudokus !

PS I made the sudoku page since I never find enough sudokus for myself, so now I print them myself !
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