A new PC Sudoku interactive training program.

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A new PC Sudoku interactive training program.

Postby GregFiore » Thu Jan 26, 2006 5:37 pm

This new Sudoku PC training program has the following features:
6 solving secrets are explained one at a time. The player studies the on screen example, then applies the technique to a screen puzzle. One click of a button shows if all possible numbers using that secret were found by highlighting missed numbers in a unique color.
Example puzzles or new puzzles can be played, solved or saved for future play. All solutions are done the way people play the puzzle: in steps.
Finished puzzles can be checked with a click of a button and any errors are shown in RED.
Puzzles can be saved at any stage of play for later recall. This feature is very nice when incorrect guesses are made, and the player wants to return to that point of play to try a different guess.
Expert players will find the program valuable in developing new strategies that can be quickly entered on the screen and solutions quickly checked. Check it out at www.sudokutrainer.com
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Postby MCC » Thu Jan 26, 2006 6:02 pm

Besides the four pages of text there is nothing to direct you to the
'SuDoKu Puzzle Player, Trainer and Solver'.
You won't sell any if people cannot see it, so where is it?
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