3.77us Solver(2.8G CPU, TestCase:17Sodoku)

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Re: 3.77us Solver(2.8G CPU, TestCase:17Sodoku)

Postby JasonLion-Admin » Sat Feb 03, 2018 1:52 am

Hey, this is getting more and more off the topic of Sudoku, which is the purpose of this forum. Please stick to Sudoku related topic

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Re: 3.77us Solver(2.8G CPU, TestCase:17Sodoku)

Postby emerentius_ » Sat Feb 17, 2018 2:23 am

champagne wrote:In most cases, the user does not care about the results, only by the count of solutions (cancelling the task if the count is >1).
In some cases (UA collector on my side for example) the solution is needed, but in a specific context and a tailor made extraction can be done.

Need is a strong word. I'd be surprised if there are any users of my library :)
I'm just offering a few apis and one of them returns the solutions. Another just counts. I don't have any specific use cases in mind just yet but I'm still expanding the feature set. These are the libraries docs btw. External dependencies are very easy to use in Rust.

The recent clang versions give a nice boost to the solver. I'm seeing a ~2-3% performance jump going from LLVM 4 -> 6 (in Rust) and similarly ~3% for clang 4 -> clang 5 with JCZsolve.
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