My Aesthetics of Sudoku

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My Aesthetics of Sudoku

Postby luanvan24 » Thu May 09, 2019 3:34 am

The concept of the PEARL is my major contribution to this aesthetics. I had often felt dissatisfaction at the way supposedly difficult puzzles could allow one to make an easy start, by immediately placing a single, or even more than one single. This I call an aesthetic dissatisfaction, since I can't really see it as a logical reason to reject any sudoku. Nevertheless, on aesthetic grounds, I reject all supposedly difficult sudokus, that is all sudokus which seem to seek a reputation as difficult, which are not "pearls". I don't mean I reject them entirely : only to a slight degree.

Time to define "pearl".
(1) It must be difficult to solve any cell at the start. Whether or not there is say an easy elimination of candidates by "locked candidates" at the start is quite immaterial, what is material is the total amount of difficulty that must be overcome before the first cell can be placed.

(2) It is absolutely essential to disqualify any sudoku from the title of "pearl" if it contains any redundant clue whatsoever. It this rule were not strictly enforced, then any number of "ARTIFICIAL" pearls could be created, thus driving the market value down, by simply solving ANY difficult sudoku up to the point where maximum difficulty is encountered, and then palming that semi-completed and indigestible mess off as a "sudoku".

(3) While on the subject of redundant clues, let me say at once that I regard any sudoku containing any redundant clue as an aesthetic monstrosity, and even a logical and cultural monstrosity. Not to mention a psychological crime : an insult to the intelligence of the solver.

This practice is sometimes condoned in the interests of preserving "symmetry". I concede that symmetry can have great theoretical interest, which may even legitimately supersede aesthetic importance (aesthetics is not everything!) But I deny any such symmetrical puzzle the title of "pearl" if there are any redundant clues. At most, it can be regarded as a "flawed" pearl.
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Re: My Aesthetics of Sudoku

Postby m_b_metcalf » Thu May 09, 2019 7:24 am

Well, the concept of pearl, and diamond, as well as of minimality, has been around for well over a decade, as you can see here. But welcome, anyway.

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Re: My Aesthetics of Sudoku

Postby blue » Thu May 09, 2019 11:16 am

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